Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Continuation of Sorts, or Ramblings

So my computer is still having trouble with pictures so I'm going to talk about colors! Aren't you excited? Well, for my next project I'm going to shoot people, probably just Bryan and Treat, both in a musical setting and outside (I'd like to do some pictures on the metro).  Anton Corbijn, the neat rock photographer who I'm doing my artist presentation on, and who my last post was about, uses different colors as the primary focus of his photographs.  I really like this idea and would like to try it for this project, so I will take all my pictures and then convert them to monochrome in photoshop and mess with the colors and such.  Also, I really like the washed over effect of a lot of these photographs, especially the David Byrne one. Below are some examples.  R.E.M., random models, David Byrne, and Depeche Mode.

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